Some people characterise the relationship between journalists and public relations practitioners in negative terms. ‘Poachers and gamekeepers’ is one of the more polite analogies. However, although their priorities may differ, both groups are professional communicators and share a commitment to upholding standards in an ever-changing media industry.

Whether you are a press officer, a communications manager, a P.R or media relations director, the NUJ could be the professional organisation for you. Below, three Cardiff-based P.Rs explain what the NUJ means to them.

Ioan Bellin
Plaid Cymru
“I joined the NUJ in 1999 when I got my first job with HTV Wales. As someone who wasn’t a trained journalist, I found it useful discussing work with other experienced journalists. I also found that the NUJ is useful as an insurance policy should anything go wrong in the workplace. NUJ representatives can be a great source of support.

Since working as a PR I have been on several training courses that have been very useful. I also enjoy meeting people from the communications and media industry.”

Mike Smith
Freelance PR
“The NUJ gives me huge benefits as a freelance from discounted training, all sorts of deals and free expert advice when the odd scrape happens – which really does happen. I also value being part of an organisation not only dedicated to us all as working people but that values and protects journalism.

“I am also proud of the equality work the union does and that I am able to be part of a progressive organisation that is genuinely working for change.”

Richard Hazlewood
Special Adviser, Secretary of State for Wales
“For me, the NUJ plays a pivotal role in upholding the highest standards in the media, protecting the employment rights of journalists, and in championing the freedom of the press.

I joined the NUJ as a student on the postgraduate journalism course at Strathclyde University in 1993. Since then my career has taken me from regional newspapers and national radio to political PR and advising government ministers. The NUJ has been there for me throughout it all.”

Note: Richard has moved on to a post at the European Parliament in Brussels and is in the process of switching branches.